[New] Nerf rival single-hand gun “Knockout XX-100” product image leaks


The handgun of the nerf rival that was rumored before.

Until now, it was not speculative, but it was finally revealed that the product image was leaked.

Rival Knockout XX-100

Image from Reddit.

It will be a so-called single shot rival raster. Is it a rival version of Jort ?
It seems to cocking by pulling the lever under the grip. It’s a common type of nerf.
There are two types of coloring: red and blue.

The only difference is that it is loaded from the loading port in the middle of the barrel, not a preloading type.However, only one shot can be entered.

After looking at the photo, the body size seems to be quite large. It may be impossible to keep it in your pocket.

The price and release date are unknown, but maybe it will be around the end of 2019 or early 2020. I think.