[Review] WORKER new darts-Increased weight, increased accuracy, improved durability, reduced flight distance-


WORKER is famous for working with many modified parts of Nerf.
We handle a wide variety of products such as reinforcing springs, exterior parts and even original blasters.

Of course, there are original products for darts, and there are many people who have seen short darts that are cut short.

WORKER soft form dart (full dart)


A redesigned dart based on the conventional WORKER dart technology.
In particular, it has succeeded in reducing air resistance and improving flight distance and accuracy.

It seems that there are some sites that use the name “full” darts for short darts.

Difference from elite darts

The sponge has the same length and diameter. Is the material a little hard? That’s about it. Rest assured that it is not a ticking.


The warhead is made of flexible black rubber and has a slight gap between the warhead and the sponge.

This is for impact cushioning or aerodynamic performance. Pain when shot was the same as elite darts.

It’s not a gimmick, but when this WORKER dart flies, hugh! And wind noise. It is an item that was not in the product description, but it is a nice bonus with a powerful force.

I tried to compare

That ’s why it ’s live.

It seems to be “a dart that can cope with a powerful nerf”, but there is no reinforced remodeling nerf in my home.So I compared the most powerful and familiar hammer shots in my home.


The distance is about 7m. We targeted goodwill and recorded the approximate position by taking a video of the impact.

The nerf body is not fixed and is not a sighting device.

Although it is simple, I am aiming at the yellow cross part visually.

1, elite darts

It ’s a standard dart. It is this elite dart that comes with the nerf.
Because it is cheap and durable, it is the best dart to play for the time being.

The weight is 1.0g and the initial speed with hammer shot is 20-21m / s.

test shot

Since the darts are more violent than expected, they often fly in a different direction.
A target that is about the size of a person standing at that distance can target enough, but for example, can you snip when you only have your head out?

In the video, I’m shooting at the right side of the goodwill.
The first one has an amazing trajectory. It flew far above the target. The second shot warped to the left.

The trajectory is almost like this. The accuracy is very large. I get the impression that I don’t know where to fly.


2, Accus strike dart

It’s a high precision or highly stable dart. The price is high.
The attached nerf is also the Accu Strike series only.

Nerf was particularly dissatisfied with the user because the accuracy was too bad. What is developed to solve it is this Accus dart. It seems that the wind tunnel experiment was repeated and the shape was designed.

It is not dedicated to Accu Strike and is completely compatible with elite darts so it can be used with other nerfs.

The weight is 1.0g and the initial speed with hammer shot is around 20.5.

test shot

You can see how the elite darts are flying differently. The landing point is down, but it ’s flying straight.


This is what it looks like in the figure. Although it is a way of flying that stalls on the way, it has the accuracy to throw the dart into the target location.
Of course, the flying condition varies depending on the nerf used, but if you are about 7-9m away, it can be said that it is almost inevitable.

It’s a little expensive, so it’s ideal for shooting rather than interpersonal battles. There are only genuine darts and the balance in the boxed nerf is probably the best.

3, WORKER darts

Then this WORKER dart.
As with Accu Strike, it has a ballistic stabilization effect, and by increasing the weight, it suppresses the initial blur and succeeds in absorbing the upper and lower errors.

Since it is a nerf compatible product, any nerf compatible with elite darts can be used.

Weight is 1.28g. The initial speed is 16.5-17m / s.

test shot

It falls well below the target. You can adjust the landing point only by aiming up and down because it can not swing left and right.

Can you hear wind noise? Although it does not sound depending on how the darts are flying, it will fly with a humming sound.

The elasticity is quite excellent.
However, because the darts themselves are heavy (about 1.3 times), they fall significantly below the eye level. It ’s not a stall but a feeling of flying.

If it is a nerf with spring strengthening, it seems to fly straight.

4, X-shot darts

It is a bonus, but it is also compared with X Shot darts. Since it is almost compatible with nerf (somewhat short), you can share darts with each other. Basically you can play with mixing.


Oh yeah, I used a yellow x-shot dart this time. Specifications and jumping conditions may differ from the current X Shot darts.

Weight is 0.9g. Initial speed is 22-22.5m / s.

test shot

Ballistic growth is more than elite darts. Surprisingly flying or off-site home runs.

I do n’t know if it ’s because of darts or how it ’s loaded, but it ’s too peaky.


It ’s lightweight, so it ’s flying fast. Perhaps this lightweight x-ray dart will come alive in low-speed nerf.

Hammershot was too rampant to handle.



The color is a little difficult to understand, but here is a superposition of everything.

If accuracy = collection elasticity, heavy WORKER darts (red) are the best, and if accuracy = landing as intended, balanced accus darts (orange) are excellent. Become.

Elite darts (light blue) and X-shot darts (yellow) mean that the trajectory is upward, that is, it still flies.


Flying distance is distributed to elite darts and x-shot darts

This time it was a comparison aiming for a target 7 meters away, so the elite darts and the x shot darts were defeated, but the story will change again if this is a flying distance game. Accust darts and WORKER darts, which have high weight and air resistance, will be considerably disadvantageous in terms of flight distance.

Even in the 7m distance shooting in this comparison, it fell down so far, so it would be even harder for long distances … shooting over 10m.

Each has advantages and disadvantages including cost.

It would be nice to be able to use darts according to the situation you use.

How to get it?

This WORKER dart is not yet sold in Amazon, so you can buy it from overseas mail order sites.


The price is $ 7-10 per 100 + international shipping.

It is still beginning to appear, but maybe it will be handled by Amazon including Japan like other darts for nerf? I think.

I think that it is necessary to check with the regulations and organizers to use it in interpersonal warfare, but if you play for shooting at home, it should be an alternative to Accus darts.