[Sale] Compatible with Nerf Centurion! ? Buzzbee Tyrant to $ 29.9 (as of August 27, 2019)


Buzzbee Toys is a toy maker that people know.

We manufacture and sell soft dart guns like Nerf. It is also characterized by many blasters that have a different taste from nerf.

Buzz Bee Air Warriors Air Max Tyrant

There is also a blaster called “Buzzbee Mega” that uses large darts in the Busby lineup, and this is the Tyrant.


The darts used are called the XL darts, which are one size larger, and have a suction cup.

And most surprisingly, magazines and darts can be shared with nerf.


From the video of coop772, a super celebrity among nerf reviewers.
It seems that a magazine for Nerf Centurion can be used. Of course, this Tyrant magazine can also be used on the Centurion side.

As an aside, Tyrant magazine is loaded 12 times. Centurion is loaded with 6 shots. That means firepower doubling.

The price is $ 29.99 + $ 21.22 (as of 8/27)


This Tyrant magazine is also one of the few power-ups of Centurion.

In addition, Buzzbee has a very unstable inventory, and if you notice it tends to be expensive. Tyrant has its tendency. If you are interested, please come early.