[Review] Doomlands Holdout ~ Easy to set, easy to aim, easy to shoot


[Review] Doomlands Holdout

Size / weight 全長20cm  重量180g

series 2019


speed 21m/s Number of loading ×1発
     darts エリートダーツ


What is Doomlands Holdout?

A compact handgun of the Doomlands series that appeared in 2019 is this holdout.

Because it is a small and inexpensive blaster and comes with a scope similar in color to the Doomlands, it is an ideal nerf, especially for increasing customization.

Before the release, the scope was said to be the main body.


Frustration-free package, so-called simple packaging version.

The back side is also simple and notes on use are written.




The contents are packed like this. So it’s easy to deliver so as to save space as much as possible.

About color and design

The body color is based on the orange of the Doomlands series.

It seems to be a setting like a wilderness bouncer, and it feels like a western western taste.


Clear parts are partly used as a feature of the Doomlands series, and there is a mechanism to see the engine part inside.

The holdout is the same, and the movement of the engine part is about the movement of the spring, but you can see it.

The opposite side has no logo or clear parts. I feel a little lonely.

Description of parts and accessories

A small sight such as a miniscope is attached to the holdout.

Above is the standard scope for Nerf (included with long barrel kits and long strikes). Do you see the size when you arrange them side by side?

The function is exactly the same as other scopes for nerf, and there is no lens and instead a cross part for aiming is included.
It looks like this when you take a peek.

Since there is no lens, the magnification is 1. Since it cannot be adjusted up, down, left and right, it is only a guide.

I thought these two grooves were personally good.

You should have noticed someone with a good idea.

Yes, it ’s a dart holder.
It is loose enough to fall off immediately, but it is a convenient structure that is more than enough to temporarily catch a dart that was picked up in a nerf battle, for example.



About size

Because it is a compact nerf, the total length is only 20cm.

The weight is 180g with a scope. You can have it lightly.
We do not feel weight even if we put in pockets.


Operation method etc.

There is nothing particularly difficult, just load a dart from the barrel tip, pull the lever, and then pull the trigger.

This area is familiar with the nerf.
Cocking feels a little hard.


Customization example

Originally it is a blaster that sells compacts, so it seems to become unbalanced when accessories are attached.


On the contrary, scope is useful

An example attached to a negotiator. Color and design are perfect.

I thought it was amazing how this scope and the body were united.
The negotiator has a delicate curved surface, but the scope is designed to follow the curved surface.

Also, the Doomlands and Negotiator logos are neatly lined up and down.


Details such as specifications

Initial speed: 20-21m / s

At new elite darts. It is quite powerful with an initial speed of 21m / s.

Darts that have been used as a weakness of this type tend to have a lower initial speed. If you want to shoot with full power, please use the new darts.

Darts and…



Previous reputation … Scope including me was the leading role, and I thought that the nerf itself was a bonus. I wonder if it is one of the most common compact nerfs.

I want to scold my past past.

Excellent grip to understand

This grip is really excellent or the shape and size that fits your hand. Does it fit?

It depends on the individual differences and the size of the hand, but at least for me, I feel that it is “easy to hold” in the top class of nerf I have ever had.

Not only is it easy to hold and hold, it also has excellent live performance.

In the first place, the structure is very simple, and there is no barrel that obstructs the trajectory.
X-shot darts and elite darts will be rampant, so high-precision darts … For example, if you use WORKER darts or Accu Strike darts, you will fly straight enough to snipe.

[Review] WORKER new darts-Increased weight, increased accuracy, improved durability, reduced flight distance-
WORKER is famous for working with many modified parts of Nerf.We handle a wide variety of products such as reinforcing s


It ’s just a compliment, but it ’s a really good blaster. It may be the best for missionary use.
If this is sold at a low price in Japan, it seems that more nerf fans will increase.